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A Trip Back in Time to 1599

At Bramhall Hall we experienced life as Tudors.  It was all just one big play set in 1599 and we were part of it too.  I actually thought that they weren’t going to let us into Bramall Hall, but that was just part of the story.
We made nose-gays; a sweet-smelling bag of rose petals, lavender and a clove.  Nose-gays were needed to disguise the disgusting smells of the time – people did not wash their clothes or bathe very often. Tudors also thought that nose-gays protected them from diseases like the plague.
Our Bramall Hall trip was really fun and interesting.  It was hilarious having the teachers and parents as our servants!  I really enjoyed travelling back through history to experience life as a Tudor. by Ziva, Y4 pupil.


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