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Adventures in Delamere

With the coach loaded up on a bright of autumnal day and knowing the hurricane winds had subsided we headed off to the Delamere forest in Cheshire.

Everybody was really excited, looking forward to our time at Foxhowl, the activity centre in the forest. As we arrived, the staff came out to meet us. Now we were really excited, because the centre looked amazing and the staff were so nice.

After having our lunch and making our beds, we all got together to meet our leader who was call Paul.

Our discovery walk started after we had played riverbank. The first thing we did was to discover how we needed to be quiet. This helped us listen to the sounds of the forest.

After looking for evidence of the different animals and birds, we were shown some survival skills and how to keep safe from the wellie eater.

Now we were really forest adventurers and we had a super afternoon. We had done so well, Paul introduced us to orienteering around the grounds of Foxhowl.

While we were getting ready for our evening meal, Mr Peach made the campfire from the wood he had collected in the forest. After dark we lit the fire and sang loads of traditional campfire songs. We had a treat of roasted marshmallows.

We got to sleep eventually and all slept through. It was a bit of a rush after breakfast, as we needed to put all our laundry in the corridor and pack our bags. As soon as that was done, we were off for our level 2 orienteering, this time in the forest itself and then took a trek to where we would make our dens. This was so much fun and they looked brilliant. We had a bit of lunch and then it was time to say our goodbyes and thankyous.

We all had a super time, staff included. Well done children, you were a credit to your school and your families.

The children had these comments about their favourite memory:

Eli: My favourite thing was the den building, it was lots of fun and our den looked really good.

Roma: I loved the roasted marshmallows.

Pip: I enjoyed singing oopmah, oompah, oompah round the campfire.

Myles: I liked the forest walk because it was challenging.


Sebastian: The dens were hard work to build but I love hard work

Ayyub: I was pleased o share my bunk with Danny, as he is a good friend.

Eve. The was a lot to enjoy; the dens and the campfire with marshmallows.

Rose: It was fun to decorate our dens.

Addae: My favourite things were the orienteering and the campfire marshmallows.

Jay: I loved the hot chocolate after the campfire.

Daniyal: It was great to set off into the forest and make dens.

Conor: We built an amazing den and sat around the campfire.

Jack: My favourite parts were the den building, the marshmallows and the forest.

Hugo: The woodland walk was amazing.

Rosa: It was like a big sleepover then a big breakfast.

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