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Amazing LAMDA Success!

In the Spring Term the Year 4 children participated in a LAMDA Solo Introductory Stage Three examination programme. This was achieved during Enrichment and in Drama lessons. On Friday 17th March the children bravely took an examination which included learning and reciting a chosen poem from the LAMDA Anthology then discussion about a favourite book and general conversation.

The marks were given for poem interpretation, technique and then conversation. Olivia Robson had previously done LAMDA exams and was entered for the Level 1 Award in Communication. She had to learn two contrasting poems and describe their moods and meanings.

Their growth in confidence from beginning to end was wonderful to witness and the results were absolutely breathtaking. All 31 pupils who entered the examination process, surpassed the pass mark by a distance, all surpassed the merit mark and incredibly they achieved 31 distinctions. A full house!


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