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Year 4 Residential Trip

Fantastic Edale visit

After Mr Glenn had organised the packing of our bags, We had a rainy start and we knew that our first stop to picnic would be a damp affair. So we sat on the minibus and enjoyed our lunch, before continuing through Castleton and into the Hope Valley and on to Edale. At the Peak Centre we were warmly welcomed by Sarah the manager. We had our induction talk and fire practice, made our beds and it was very soon time for tea after getting our rooms organised and exploring all the parts of the centre.

Jo the catering manager provided us with loads of tasty food, so we ready for climbing after the washing up. We were all very impressed with the amazing climbing walls, which some people conquered, despite our instructor telling us that a mountaineer had just finished making the routes more difficult!

After our climbing, we had a handicraft hour during which, we decorated some owls to have as keepsakes of our brilliant residential.

Bedtime on the first night was as traditionally long affair, but eventually we fell asleep and indeed slept straight through…….until 6am.

Getting up early meant that we could take our time over breakfast, kindly made by Mrs Lynch, super egg on toast.

The day dawned partly sunny, definitely dry and with an improving picture. This meant the walk would be in ideal conditions, if a little windy, as the clearing skies meant tremendous views. We saw the new born lambs in the local farms and found out lots about the valley and its occupants through history. There was some quite difficult terrain, but none so annoying, than slipping in the mud that had formed due to the rain over the past few days. We all saw the funny side of those mishaps and returned to the centre ready for our lunch.

Archery was the afternoon’s special activity, with a traditional target which had been adorned with balloons to pop and even an orange to split for those who had a keen eye and a steady hand!
We also took the opportunity to buy our souvenirs from the Moorland centre, which is a base for the rangers and conservationists for the Peak District.

Our evening meal was enjoyed by all and the evening saw us trying our hand at all things circus, which was loads of fun and nominated by some as their favourite activity! Badge making was also popular, providing another keepsake of our stay. We were all very tired, so an early night was needed, to be ready for fencing in the morning. As well as having a go at fencing, we all had a good play and relax outside as the weather was so very nice. But all too soon it was time to pack and clear our rooms. We enjoyed our lunch outside and helped Mr Glenn get the bags onto the roof rack. Soon we were singing our way along the road , looking forward to meeting our parents at school.

Mrs Lynch, Mr Harrison & Mr Peach

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