Work hard, play hard and benefit from a private education

Our school motto, ‘laborare fortiter ludite fortiter’ (‘work hard and play hard’), encourages pupils to enjoy both their academic pursuits and activities outside of the classroom. We expect all staff and pupils to share this passion within a supportive and caring atmosphere.

We are an independent school that focuses on giving your child a great private education. We take pride in our family-oriented atmosphere which yields superb results.  

The school’s ethos in actively encouraging respect and kindness towards others, whatever their background or faith and upholding the common values found in Britain today.

ISI Inspection 2015.

We are a school that delivers a first-class private education for boys and girls. By limiting our class sizes to 20, our teaching staff are able to spend time getting to know your child, supporting their personal and academic development.

Moor Allerton School aims

Each child is an individual and we aim to maintain that individuality whilst pursuing the best for the child, academically, spiritually and morally. This is sought by providing a firm grounding in academic skills within a structure of caring discipline and good example. The school aims to help children to understand that, as well as working for their own good, they should respect and value others.

The curriculum aims to help stimulate every child's imagination and increase their knowledge. We want every child to enjoy learning and to realise their potential, so that when they leave, they have reached the necessary academic level to gain entry to the Senior school best suited to their needs.

Moor Allerton Results

Moor Allerton has an outstanding academic record with children making exceptional progress in all areas of the school, maintained by close teacher assessments and yearly standardised progress InCAS testing. 

For the most recent academic year our students are working on average +1.21 years ahead of their chronological age in Reading and +1.24 years in Mathematics.  

In Reading 84% of our pupils had expected or higher than expected results, with 42% of them achieving higher or much higher than expected.  

In Mathematics 88% of our pupils had expected or higher than expected results, with 52% of them achieving higher or much higher than expected.