Happy and Successful Pre-Schoolers

Our Pre-School is a happy, supportive place where your child will be valued for their talents and personal qualities. Our pupils benefit from a wide range of skills and expertise offered by our teaching staff, as well as the considerable advantages that come from small teaching groups.

Educating other people's children is a privilege as well as a huge responsibility. At Pre-School, we aim to prepare young people for happiness and academic success. With Moor Allerton, entrance examination results matter and our pupils consistently achieve excellent results, giving them access to top local, independent, senior schools. However, we also believe that school should be fun and, as we all know, happy children are more likely to be successful. We aim to bring out our pupils’ talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities.

Your child will feel at home in a caring, family atmosphere at Moor Allerton with no more than 20 in Nursery and Reception classes. Teachers will get to know your child individually and will give them the undivided attention they deserve. Your child will receive a valuable introduction to a learning environment thanks to a balanced and stimulating curriculum to start their educational career. Early Years children will cover the three prime areas of communication, language, physical and personal, social and emotional development as well as literacy, maths, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design. With small class sizes and dedicated teaching staff, your child's skills, interests and ability will be given every chance to shine.

To enquiry about a place at Pre-School, please call 0161 445 4521.

Life-Long Learning

Your child’s future will be based on firm foundations laid at Moor Allerton. At Early Years, children are given the opportunity to grow in confidence and maturity through their achievements in numeracy and literacy. We aim to nurture a love of learning that starts in Pre-School and continues throughout their life. Our rich and diverse curriculum keeps your child engaged throughout the school day, enabing them to learn through thinking, exploring, doing and interacting. The curriculum is designed to develop a focused approach to work, so that your child remains engaged throughout their school day. By developing this passion for learning, your child will reach their full potential. 

Regular monitoring of progress ensures that your child's talents or difficulties are spotted early, ensuring that they receive the right support and encouragement to overcome any barriers to learning.

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Extending Horizons

Moor Allerton is a place of excitement and wonder with a family atmosphere, creating the best possible environment for your child to learn in and develop. Pupils feel safe at our setting which means they are able to express themselves and flourish. 

“Teachers use their secure subject knowledge and behaviour management skills to develop pupils’ ability to think for themselves, develop their own opinions and understand the needs of others.” ISI Inspection, 2015.

Throughout Moor Allerton, each child is valued and we encourage tolerance, empathy and understanding and through ensuring an understanding of different cultures, we ensure your child will have the opportunity to extend their horizons.

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Expending Energy

We aim to instil the importance of fitness in your child from an early age. By promoting the benefits of exercise while offering plenty of outdoor play and school sport, we ensure that your child will return home both engaged and fulfilled.

Your child’s physical and emotional development is crucial in the Early Years. Interspersing classroom learning with outdoor learning and sport in a safe and productive environment contributes significantly towards the wellbeing of your child. Through playing sports and exploring the great outdoors, your child will develop a positive attitude towards sharing, co-operation, and competition.

Our programme of physical education is designed to enhance your child’s confidence and self-esteem through offering a variety of different sports and activities that are accessible to all.

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An Environment To Flourish In

Each child has a productive and strong relationship with all staff, and every opportunity is taken from Pre-School onwards to help develop them personally and academically. By encouraging positive behaviour and friendships, they are given a firm foundation for success in their later academic years. 

In building a happy, safe, and caring atmosphere your child will be supported, understood, and heard. They will grow through experiences and activities, learning independently under the constant supervision of our specialist early years department.

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